The Zoho Wiki update that happened during the weekend introduced a couple of nice features. A Wiki page can have links pointing to it from other pages of the Wiki. All these pages are now placed as links in a separate “Incoming Links” column in the side panel and this helps in improved navigation of the Wiki.

The owner/administrator of the Wiki is now notified by email once a day of the changes done to his/her wiki pages. This is a very handy feature. Assume you have your Wiki open to public. You will now know all the activity that has taken place over the course of the day in a gist.

Try these new features in Zoho Wiki and do share your feedback comments.

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  1. Juan Lizarralde

    Our Zoho Wiki administrators are receiving nothing when there is changes in the Wiki, do we need to enable anywhere something? We were looking and nothing was found. How does that new feature for the Wiki administrators get notified daily work?