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Zoho and the Heartbleed Vulnerability

Quick note: All Zoho servers are patched, and your data is safe. The details: Soon after the information about this vulnerability became known, we started...

General 1 min read

Just In: Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects – Bugs Module

We announced Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects a few months ago. Project teams worldwide are using it to get valuable insights about how well their...

Zoho BugTracker 2 min read

Analyze Your Business Data Stored in Cloud Storages & Drives

More and more of your business data reside on the cloud now. For better convenience, you now sync your files online, using cloud services like...

Zoho Reports 1 min read

Interesting Public Dashboard Examples

Time and again, we come across Zoho Reports being used to analyze varied data sets. Below is a sampling of some of the recent public...

Zoho Reports 1 min read

Just In: 100% Group Bar Chart, Column Subtotals, Top/Bottom N Filter Enhancement and more

Happy New Year 2014 to everyone! On this new year, let’s see some of the latest features of Zoho Reports. 100% Group Bar Chart This type...

Zoho Reports 2 min read

Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics: Projected Revenue Report

We announced Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects around a month back, and it has been well received. Project managers now tap into their projects data and...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Just In: Email Filtered Reports, Plot Moving Average and more

Zoho Reports has added a lot of cool features recently. Let’s see some of the major features that have come in. Scheduled Emailing of Reports...

Zoho Reports 2 min read

Introducing Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects

Till now, project managers using Zoho Projects had access to limited reporting options – Gantt and resource utilization charts. Not anymore. Today, we are glad...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Know your Sales Funnel using Advanced Analytics

When we published the Gain More Insight Into Sales With 3 Types of CRM Reports post, CRM user Wendy Wright wanted to know, “What % of leads...

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Case Study: Quick Deployment of a Big Data Reporting Solution

There are a lot many businesses who have on-premise, legacy software systems being used for many years. While such software might have served those businesses...

Zoho Reports 1 min read