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Austin Ries

A recovering journalist and currently struggling weekend-guitarist, Austin spends his days as a product marketer for Zoho Recruit, where he focuses on helping recruiters thrive in a rapidly changing industry. You can follow him on Twitter (@austintries), Instagram or send him an email at austin.ries@zohocorp.com.

5 Tips to Up Your Recruiting Game for 2015

The new year is officially underway and the signs are everywhere. There’s a signup sheet for treadmills at the gym, the produce aisle at your...

Zoho Recruit 3 min read

The Ultimate Applicant Tracking System Holiday Wishlist

Remember the days of writing a letter to Santa Claus? When you’d sit down with your computer or pen and paper and make a list...

Zoho Recruit 3 min read

Announcing the First-Ever Zoholics Finance and HR User Conference

After three great user conferences focusing on developers, sales and marketing and productivity and collaboration, it’s time to start preparing for our fourth installment of Zoholics for 2014....

Zoholics 1 min read

Finding (e)Harmony between Candidates and Companies

For 14 years, eHarmony founder and CEO ​Neil Clark Warren has stood against a white backdrop on our television screens to discuss compatibility. And while his white hair, suit, and...

Zoho Recruit 4 min read

Branding and Formatting Resumes Inside Zoho Recruit

It was an amazing weekend. You spent time with family and friends, had dinner at your favorite restaurant and even caught a last-minute show from...

Zoho Recruit 2 min read

Visit Zoho Recruit this June in London and Las Vegas

June is a busy month for Zoho Recruit. We’ll be taking part in not one, not two, but three recruiting events in two different countries...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Why Major League Baseball’s Opening Day Matters to Your Sales Team

I revel in the days of old when baseball was truly, “America’s Pastime.” It’s not anymore. Hasn’t been for years. That’s become exponentially evident thanks to a...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

Get the Most Out of Your SXSW Interactive Experience

Every year it’s the same. You spend months looking at the schedule, planning your every move and RSVPing to dozens of parties; then, like footsteps in sand...

General 3 min read

5 Sales Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street

I’m the antithesis of a movie snob. For me, movies are a source of entertainment. A chance to disappear from the real world and lose yourself in...

General 3 min read

Work Smart and Play Smart with Zoho at SXSW Interactive 2014

I’ve lived in Austin for eight years now, and every March it’s the same. Our city morphs into the epicenter of everything that is “cool.”...

General 2 min read