Meera Sapra

Product Manager - Zoho Social. I live in New Delhi, India. When I'm not working, I spend my time reading, creating comics or art.

Bottom line is, I love the new UI and I don’t want to go back…

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Celebrating the Big Stories behind Small Businesses: Share Yours and Win!

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When Invoicing becomes child’s play. Literally.

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Tricks, Treats and Halloween: A time to let go of fear!

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We’re Moving – Zoho California office gets a new address!

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Celebrating Small Businesses, All Year Around!

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Sales Prospecting: Why you should LOVE your CRM

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Advice for New Entrepreneurs: #1 Don’t Rush

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12 Business Resolutions for 2012

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The Best of Business Advice – From our Customers!​

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Is Tuesday the most Productive day of the week?

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If C-L-O-U-D were an acronym, what would it stand for?

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Email isn’t a productivity killer unless…

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Cloud Software is to Desktop Software as…

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Steve Jobs, RIP

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The Office is evolving – and so are Zoho apps!

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CRM @ Zoho CRM: Customer Experiences Matter!

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Enable Collaboration and Innovation in your Organization

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Manage Your Cash Flow Right With Zoho Books

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Maximize Your Productivity With Zoho Mail For Business

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