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Meera Sapra

Product Manager - Zoho Social. I live in New Delhi, India. When I'm not working, I spend my time reading, creating comics or art.

Say goodbye to unproductive workplace practices and build a culture of collaboration with Project Management apps – Part 2

This is the second part of a 2-part blog series. Read the first part of the series here. The myth of multitasking. When you’re trying...

Zoho Projects 3 min read

Say goodbye to unproductive workplace practices and build a culture of collaboration with Project Management apps – Part 1

My colleague recently blogged about how project management apps can greatly help improve collaboration especially for geographically distributed teams or companies. As a remote employee...

Zoho Projects 3 min read

What I learned from working remotely with cross-cultural teams

For about six years now, I’ve been working in a cross-cultural environment. Our teams are split across offices in India and the US, with the...

General 5 min read

Social media for the small business: Start by listening

When I meet small business owners and tell them about my work with social media, a lot of them ask me how they should be...

4 min read

Subject line real estate is precious. Make the most of it in your email campaigns.

Like most people​, I usually decide whether or not to open an email from a company depending on what the subject line says. I’d even...

Zoho Campaigns 5 min read

Meet our Busiest Customer this Holiday Season: Santa Claus

He wears a red suit, sports a long white beard, lives (and works!) at the north pole with a bunch of elves and eight tiny...

General 1 min read

Happy Small Business Saturday : Cheers to the Contest Winners and all the Inspiring Stories!

2 weeks ago, we announced the #MyBizStory contest to celebrate small businesses and the stories behind them. We received hundreds of stories that amazed and...

General 3 min read

Small Business and Thanksgiving: It’s time to be thankful for doing what you love!

It’s Thanksgiving week, and you’re probably looking forward to spend the weekend feasting with family and friends! But before we get to the weekend, let’s...

General 2 min read

Bottom line is, I love the new UI and I don’t want to go back…

With any software, even the smallest of changes can greatly improve the experience of users who have been using it regularly. And when there’s a...

Zoho Books 2 min read

Celebrating the Big Stories behind Small Businesses: Share Yours and Win!

It’s called the #MyBizStory contest and it’s really fun and simple. All you need to do is, tell us a story. Tell us what makes your business unique - it could be a different way of doing things, something you’ve created or something you’ve believed in and followed for your business - anything that you think makes your business stand out.

General 1 min read