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Product Manager of Zoho Sheet.

Mashup with External Data in Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet has this “Link External Data” functionality, which can be used to mashup with data on the web. It can sync your Zoho spreadsheet...

Zoho Creator , Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho Sheet Update

After our Macros and Pivot Tables update in April, we did couple of updates in Zoho Sheet and here are the highlights. New Theme –...

Zoho Sheet 2 min read

Zoho Viewer adds Document Expiry

We added a new feature in Zoho Viewer last week which allows users to set an expiry time on the documents uploaded in Zoho Viewer....

Zoho Viewer 1 min read

Zoho Sheet Update – New sidebar, Themes, Autofill, Duplicate sheet and more

Zoho Sheet just had an update with some nice features. Here are the highlights: Enhanced Sidebar and Batch Operations: If you are a regular user,...

Zoho Sheet 2 min read

Zoho Sheet : Search across your spreadsheets

We recently supported content search of your spreadsheets in Zoho. Prior to this we searched only for the tags associated with files. Use the search...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho Sheet : Scheduled Maintenance

Zoho Sheet will not be available between Saturday, September 29th, 9:30 PM PDT to Sunday, September 30th, 12:30 AM PDT due to scheduled maintenance. During...

General , Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho Sheet in Catalan and Turkish

We did a small update in Zoho Sheet today. Zoho Sheet is now available in Catalan and Turkish, thanks to our users Joaquim Virgili and...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho Sheet now in Romanian

We announced the community driven translation of Zoho Sheet last week on Sep 13th. We immediately got a request from an user to support the...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho Sheet : Insert Images, Safari support and more

Zoho Sheet now supports inserting images into your spreadsheets. You can also import spreadsheets containing images. Inserting image via an URL will follow in a...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Stock functions in Zoho Sheet

We recently added the STOCK function in Zoho Sheet. Using this, you can now add stock quotes to your spreadsheets. You just need to specify...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read