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Reshma Roy

Reshma Roy is the Product Marketing Manager for Zoho Finance Suite. She’s currently evangelizing the benefits of an integrated system that connects the front office and back office of small businesses.

Simplify Getting Paid With Braintree

We have been on an integration spree since the beginning of this year. After the first two successful integration with Stripe and 2Checkout, Braintree is...

Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Time To Reconcile 1099K

Got the 1099 K and wondering what to do with it? 1099 K is a tax form sent by online payment processing companies like PayPal,...

Zoho Books 2 min read

Go Global – Check out 2Checkout!

We have now made it really easy for you to receive online payments from your customers – from even the ones who are not in...

Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Goodbye Late Payments: 10 Tips To Help You Get Paid On Time

Slow and steady never wins the race when it comes to chasing late payments. It is nasty and time consuming especially for freelancers and small...

Zoho Invoice 2 min read

Hello Kindle Fire users – Zoho Invoice is now in Amazon Appstore

We’ve got some great news for kindle fire users. Zoho Invoice android app is now available in the Amazon App store for you to download...

Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Customer Spotlight: Jeb finds freelancing absolutely ‘brilliant’!

If you could choose again, would you rather be an employee or a freelancer? “I would choose freelancing again!” Jeb Brilliant answered that question with...

Zoho Invoice 2 min read

Get Paid Online With Stripe!

Your customer has a credit card and as a freelancer or small business owner, you would like to make the payment process as simple as...

Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Passing A Tax Audit With Speed

This is a guest post by Craig Keolanui of SmBizWinningTips Are you facing an unexpected audit from either the state or Feds? If so, you...

Zoho Books 3 min read

Making unwanted travel a deductible expense

This is a guest post by Craig Keolanui of SmBizWinningTips You might have heard of planning a vacation around a trade show or convention that...

Zoho Books 2 min read

Just In: New estimate statuses to better track potential business

Last week’s flavor was saving time with bulk printing. This week we are planning to get you more organized with regard to your potential business....

Zoho Books 2 min read