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Product Marketing Manager - Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit: Post Jobs on Glassdoor

Today we are here to let you know the availability of yet another job board integration – Glassdoor.com. Glassdoor is the largest online career community,...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Sponsored Jobs on Indeed.com

Today, Zoho Recruit is happy to announce its next level of integration with Indeed.com. The integration will allow users to sponsor their jobs on Indeed...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Candidate and Client Contact Sync

In Recruitment industry , there are many opportunities – where clients become candidates and vice versa. Having candidate and client details in two different modules...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Custom Email Signatures

Now with Zoho Recruit you can add a personalized touch to your emails. Announcing the availability of Zoho Recruit’s new Email Signature feature, which allows...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit Links up with LinkedIn

At Zoho Recruit, our mission is to provide recruiters a simple, easy-to-use, single user-interface eliminating the need to juggle with multiple tools. Early last week,...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit Invites you to the Recruitment Agency Expo, London

Zoho Recruit is very happy inviting you for the Recruitment Agency Expo, running February 14-15 at the Olympia Conference Center in London. On that note,...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Launching a Zoho Recruit Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Many recruiters use both Applicant Tracking System and Microsoft Outlook for recruitment. Applicant Tracking System helps in tracking applicants and Outlook for emails, contacts and...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Publish your Jobs to Multiple Job Boards

Today at Zoho Recruit, we are excited to announce the long-awaited integration that allows you to post jobs to popular free online job boards, such as SimplyHired.com and...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Recruit: Mass Emailing Made Easy

Effective communication is the key for a successful recruitment. It is necessary for a recruiter to communicate regularly with candidates during a recruitment campaign. At Zoho, we...

General , Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Chocolates and Zoho Recruit: The Ah Cacao Story

Today, we are pleased to share the story of how Ah Cacao Real Chocolate simplified their recruitment process with Zoho Recruit. Rohan Barnett, General Manager at Ah...

General , Zoho Recruit 2 min read