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Zoho Business


How To Clean Up Your Business – With Zoho

Entrepreneur.com recently featured an article titled ‘How To Clean Up Your Business‘. The article talks about Spring Cleaning, a time to ‘get rid of the tasks, people...

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Zoho Tasks Integrates Tasks from Zoho Projects

Our unified task module, available through Zoho Business, previously integrated tasks from Zoho CRM. In our latest update, Zoho Tasks integrated tasks from Zoho Projects,...

General , Zoho Business , Zoho Projects 1 min read

New: Linking Zoho Mail & Tasks

When we have action items from an email communication, we typically switch from email to a task app. After completing the task, we go back to email,...

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New: Session Management & More in Zoho Business

Remember those scenarios where you logged into your online accounts from your friend’s computer and you don’t remember logging out? To address such scenarios, we...

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SideBar options in Zoho Business

Last week I briefly talked about an easy way to reorder applications in Zoho Business by simply dragging and dropping items on the side bar....

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Application Reordering in Zoho Business

If you are a Zoho Business user, you are probably familiar with the navigation side bar. Yes, the one that lists the apps on the left. The apps listed...

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New: Domain Registration in Zoho Business

Domain registration is generally the starting point for many businesses. In many cases, a company is named based on the availability of a domain –...

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Feature: Controlled Access in Zoho Business

One of the advantages of using online applications is mobility. You can access applications and your data from any location, operating system, browser or a...

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New Zoho Tasks integrates CRM Tasks

If you use Zoho Business, you probably are familiar with the Tasks module. This module is now completely redesigned making it more user friendly. For those...

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Zoho's Notification Feeds

The chat bar you see at the bottom of applications like Zoho Mail, Zoho Business, Zoho Docs does a lot of useful things. Most of...

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