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Zoho Discussions


Add Online Forums to your Support Portal

The best way to fully understand your customers is to go beyond their needs and identify/solve their problems. We have tried to make this easier...

General , Zoho Desk , Zoho Discussions 1 min read

Enable Collaboration and Innovation in your Organization

A recent Harvard Business Review article talks about the need for people across hierarchies, functions and geographies within an organization to collaborate. Your employees should...

General , Zoho Discussions 2 min read

Introducing ‘Zoho Discussions for Google Apps’

The last 2 Tuesdays saw Zoho Reports and  Zoho Wiki debuting at the Google Apps Marketplace. The star of this week’s Google Apps Release is Zoho Discussions. Zoho...

General , Zoho Discussions , Zoho for Google Apps 1 min read

Introducing Private Communities in Zoho Discussions

For over an year, Zoho Discussions has been helping businesses and non-profit organizations create and foster communities that involve and empower its members and help...

General , Zoho Discussions 2 min read

Improved community membership management with Zoho Discussions: Introducing Subscriptions

One of the challenges of running an online community is who you invite or let in to participate.   While some communities are “open”, some...

Zoho Discussions 2 min read

Easy Ways to Kill Spam in Your Online Community

In our earlier blog posts, we spoke about various features that help in tailoring your online community for a better user engagement and branding. Once...

General , Zoho Discussions 2 min read

Beyond Web Analytics: Tools to Improve Customer Support Efficiency

You cannot improve what you cannot measure! In this day where inbound traffic is everything for a website, webmasters can’t live without Web Analytics tools....

Zoho Discussions 2 min read

Multi-Language Support in Zoho Discussions Forums

It’s been almost a year since we officially launched Zoho Discussions and so far, the number of businesses that deploy Zoho Discussions has steadily increased....

General , Zoho Discussions 2 min read

Zoho@Zoho: How we promote and encourage linchpins

In his latest book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, Seth Godin advices people to find ways to be unique… find ways to be become indispensable in...

Zoho Discussions 2 min read