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Zoho Mobile


Introducing Doc Scanner for iPhone

Very often, we come across a printed article or a document that makes us wish it were available in electronic format. We end up taking a photo...

Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Don’t Blame Zoho for Apple’s Wall Street Miss

Yesterday after the bell, Apple reported financial results for their fiscal third quarter. And although impressive, they fell below Wall Street expectations. Apple’s stock is so...

Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Zoho CRM gets an iPad app

In our continuous efforts to making Zoho CRM available on all mobile platforms, we are excited to announce the immediate availability of our dedicated iPad...

Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Announcing Zoho Sync: Push Mail And Mobile Sync Service

We made a new year resolution to keep our services in tune with the ever evolving world, especially with respect to the rapidly growing smartphone...

General , Zoho Mail , Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Zoho Projects In Your Pocket: Our Web App is Here

Your projects don’t stop just because you’re away from your computer. And now, with the new Zoho Projects Web App you can stay connected with...

General , Zoho Mobile , Zoho Projects 1 min read

The Office is evolving – and so are Zoho apps!

In a recent post titled ‘How the Office is evolving‘, Eric Kintz at Gigaom talks about the transformation of work-spaces from the original ‘cubicle’ concept...

General , Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Zoho Mail is now optimized for iPad

Apart from launching native apps for Android and iPhone, we are continuing to improve our web applications optimized for mobile devices. Our mobile web app...

General , Zoho Mail , Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Zoho Loves Android: Announcing our first Android App (for Zoho Invoice!)

  It’s been almost a year since we released our very first native mobile app, Zoho Docs for iPhone. We’ve continued to make progress providing easy...

Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Introducing the Zoho CRM App for iPhone and Mobile Web Access

We just released two exciting updates to our Zoho CRM product line: the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition and support for mobile web browsers in Zoho...

General , Zoho CRM , Zoho Mobile 2 min read

Introducing Zoho Docs for iPad

Zoho Docs, our Online Document Management application is now available on iPad ( iTunes link ). The 2.0 version of the application is now a...

General , Zoho Docs , Zoho Mobile 1 min read