Asier Zabaleta, a consultant at Openbravo (open source, agile ERP solution for SMBs) has developed a nice integration between Openbravo and Zoho Reports. Openbravo users can now easily have all their data imported into Zoho Reports, create charts, pivot tables, dashboards in Zoho Reports and make them as a part of their Openbravo ERP system. Read more about how to set up Zoho Reports as Openbravo’s reporting module.

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) like Openbravo, you too can take all the advantages offered by Zoho Reports and make it as the integrated reporting module of your product/service. We offer a white label solution that you can use for making your own private labeled (re-branded) reporting solution for your clients. Know more.

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  1. Asier Lostalé

    Hi,Zoho module is in charge of synchronizing data from Openbravo to Zoho, but not a about data visualization. Asier Zabaleta in his blogpost proposes an easy way of viewing them using HTML widgets.Openbravo currently doesn’t have out of the box a way of doing it as complete window. But you could create a new “View Implementation” [1] just showing the html retrieved from Zoho.RegardsAsier Lostalé[1]

  2. theorange

    we implemented openbravo + zoho, works very nice but we have one problem:
    we want to see the reports in openbravo as full page and not only as widget in home page.
    The widget is good for charts but if we want to see full lneght report, it’s very samll.
    how this can be done?
    any ideas?
    Thank you.