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3 Copywriting Mistakes that Kill Your Cold Emails

Your prospects delete most of the cold emails sitting in their inboxes, and they’re probably deleting yours, too. Don’t confuse your prospects by sending unclear...

Zoho CRM 4 min read

Making the right connections, made easy with CRM

This is a guest post by Lindsay Garrison, Chief Problem Solver at On the verge, inc., a Zoho Alliance Partner in the Greater Boston Area. You’ve probably...

Zoho CRM 2 min read

Measuring and maximizing the money-saving value of self-service channels

By Ashley Verrill Recently, I called Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna to get his advice for a research project I was working on. Self-service channels are becoming increasingly popular, and I...

Zoho Desk 3 min read

What’s Missing From Your Holiday Shopping List? Better Customer Service

This is a guest post by Shabana Shiliwala, who owns The Financial Sort, a financial planning company based in Austin, Texas. While you’re shopping for holiday...

General 2 min read