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Saravana Raja

Marketing Analyst, Zoho Assist. Start a conversation with him by leaving a comment in any one of his blog posts.

Customer Spotlight: How Zoho Assist simplified Ross Garner’s daily life?

Ross Garner runs a software solution business named Xinfo in Melbourne, Australia that caters to the needs of a niche market, the local building industry....

Zoho Assist 2 min read

Zoho Assist: Empower your Application with Remote Support!

It was the late Steve Jobs who said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” ​At Zoho Assist, we have taken this idea to heart. It inspired...

Zoho Assist 2 min read

​Migrate from LogMeIn to Zoho Assist, Just Like Niall Did!

It all began ​at the ​end of 2011. After spending almost a decade as an IT manager in a reputed firm, one fine day, Niall...

Zoho Assist 3 min read

Zoho Assist: Unveiling New Customer Console and Two-way Screen Sharing for Mac ​Users!

The re-invention fervor of Zoho Assist is at full throttle. You may be aware that supporting from a Mac in Zoho Assist is no sweat...

Zoho Assist 2 min read

Zoho Assist: Getting rid of that invisible man!

image courtesy: dailygrindhouse.com Have you ever encountered an invisible man who stands like a wall between you and your remote computer? He stops you from...

Zoho Assist 2 min read

Zoho Assist just got reinvented, unveils iPad app!

IT technicians have a rigorous schedule every day. Not only do they run pillar to post solving issues of internal or external customers, they also...

Zoho Assist 2 min read

Zoho Assist and Windows 8 Hit It Off!

A support technician, who troubleshoots by conducting remote sessions, will face new challenges with each update and a new version of an operating system (OS)....

Zoho Assist 1 min read

Zoho Assist: Remote IT Support Made Simpler

Steven Arant works in IT desktop support at Mecklenburg County office, North Carolina. His everyday job involves providing IT support to his fellow staff. Before discovering Zoho, he wasted a lot of time...

Zoho Assist 2 min read

Just In: Zoho Meeting HTML Viewer!

Any online meeting or web meeting will be a painless experience only if joining the meeting is easy and simple. Zoho Meeting, our simple and...

Zoho Meeting 1 min read

Zoho Meeting: Corporate Branding and Organization Management!

Zoho Meeting, the easiest and most effective online meeting tool recently added full support for Mac users. Today, we’re happy to share that we also...

Zoho Meeting 2 min read