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Challenge New Features: Email Results To Candidates, Rich Text In Answer Options

Hello again from the Zoho Challenge team! As you might have known, we’ve constantly added new features to Zoho Challenge based on user feedback. Previously,...

Zoho Challenge 1 min read

“Zoho Challenge is a dream come true” – Anand More, More Training Consultancy Private Ltd

Anand More of More Training Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (MTCPL) has been an ardent fan of Zoho Challenge for quite some time. More Classes, a unit...

Zoho Challenge 4 min read

Track School Test Schedules using Google / Zoho Calendar + Zoho Challenge

If you’re a student, you’re probably using an online calendar to keep track of your homework assignments, projects and plenty of other things that are...

General , Zoho Challenge 2 min read