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Zoho Meeting meets WebRTC: Enhanced online meeting experience!

As time rolls on, new technology grows up and overrides older technology. From Alexander Graham Bell’s first practical telephone to the latest smartphones, everywhere you look the evolution to new technology is inevitable....

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Customer spotlight: How Zoho Meeting enhanced business collaboration for a payroll service company

With the recent updates to Zoho Meeting, you may have experienced easier conferencing in your online meetings. This new version has made a notable impact...

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Just In: Change Presenter in Zoho Meeting!

Your presentations don’t happen in a vacuum. Whether it’s an online meeting, a customer demo or sales presentation, you may need to switch presenters. Good news! The...

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Make it easy for customers to join your Remote Support session

When you conduct a remote support session to fix a problem in your customer’s computer, avoid directing him with a lengthy process like go to...

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Track your Meetings from Soup to Nuts

When scheduling meetings with tons of customers, it is mighty difficult to keep track of everything. Zoho Meeting helps you track your online meetings easier,...

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Experience faster and smoother Remote Support

With the highly improved quality and connection speed of Zoho Assist, you can now connect and control your customer’s computer much easier and faster, regardless...

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