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Shared Folders – File Sharing and Team Collaboration Made Easy!

Imagine you are getting ready for a board meeting and you have to send a number of files to several board members in minutes. Or,...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Zoho Docs Presentation 2013 – Looking back at a year that was!

2013 is a year that’ll be fondly remembered. For those who’ve been using Zoho Docs Presentation, you’ll know why. This year, we have crossed some remarkable...

Zoho Docs 1 min read

Sync Your Files Between Your Computer And the Cloud With the New Zoho Docs For Desktop

We are thrilled to unveil Zoho Docs for Desktop, the service that syncs your files to the cloud, makes them incredibly easy to share with...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

First look! 20+ elegant themes to jazz up your presentations

Presentations are the inevitable part of any business. Needless to say, they are the most compelling and successful way of sharing information. Ever since we...

Zoho Show 2 min read