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Humor on the cloud: Hunger

General 0 min read

About That 37Signals 100% Price Increase… Time To BUMP!

Yesterday, 37Signals decided to increase their entry-level Basecamp plan from $24 to $49 dollars. ReadWriteWeb quoted: Basecamp quietly increased its cheapest subscription option from $24...

General , Zoho Projects 2 min read

Zoho Recruit integrates with Corp-Corp.com: Posting Jobs on Online IT Job Board

The Client’s need should be fulfilled at the right time by the right talent. This is the key for a successful organization. The recruiters expose the...

General , Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Improved community membership management with Zoho Discussions: Introducing Subscriptions

One of the challenges of running an online community is who you invite or let in to participate.   While some communities are “open”, some...

Zoho Discussions 2 min read

Announcing the Do-It-Yourself Dabble Db Migration Tool

Any service that your business depends upon has got to be reliable.. Be it your email service , your CRM tool or even your database...

General , Zoho Creator 2 min read

@Zoho Invoice: Only 50 cents for receiving online payments

In our earlier post we told you we were going to be participating in PayPal’s innovate 2010. At the conference PayPal, in addition to some...

General 1 min read

Zoho @ Zoho: Courier Management, the Zoho Creator way

Distribution of couriers among employees might seem like a simple everyday task and may even raise a few eyebrows when we say, “We at Zoho...

Zoho Creator 3 min read

“Zoho Challenge is a dream come true” – Anand More, More Training Consultancy Private Ltd

Anand More of More Training Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (MTCPL) has been an ardent fan of Zoho Challenge for quite some time. More Classes, a unit...

Zoho Challenge 4 min read

Workflow Automation in Zoho Recruit

The world continues to morph us with ever faster lives. And we no longer can expect recruiters to do everything manually as it’s not a...

General , Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Humor on the cloud: Excuses

Homework on the cloud could have other side-effects…

General 1 min read