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New Discussion Forum for ZohoCreator

We have opened a new discussion forum for ZohoCreator. Check out here at

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WIMP/Folders Vs Search/Tags

Have been following an interesting thread by Nick Carr, Rajagopal Sukumar & Sadagopan among others. Nick Carr came up with What Microsoft is trying to...

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For the power user in you – Zoho Planner API

The success of GMaps says it all. APIs allow users to come up with their own applications creatively. Many Zoho Planner users have been asking...

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What can Zoho Writer do?

The list is available in Zoho Writer Home Page. Also there is a Zoho Writer FAQ. But, as with any Web 2.0 service, users will...

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J. Murali writes about Zoho at ‘The Hindu’

‘The Hindu‘ is India’s National newspaper & it was a pleasant surprise seeing a detailed writeup on Zoho in it today morning. J. Murali’s ‘Netspeak’...

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Trends on Zoho

Google Trends says Spanish users of Zoho top the list (All years, i.e.). Gracias, usuarios! 🙂 And by the way, merely typing Trend/Trends in Google...

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ZohoCreator: Default and Custom Filters

You can Sort and use Filter to create the exact View you need. This helps you get focused on the only data you are interested...

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Testing Web 2.0/AJAX applications

Not a day goes by without a Web 2.0 product/service being launched. It’s the people’s/customer’s web all the more. But what about the developers who...

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Interesting query from Nico van Santen, Netherlands

We get some very interesting feedback mails from our users. Consider this from Nico van Santen from Netherlands (nice to know that Zoho Writer’s being...

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Mark Gibbs on Zoho Writer

Mark Gibbs at Network World, in his widely read Web Applications newsletter wrote about Zoho recently. He reviewed Zoho Writer in particular. Some excerpts: This...

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