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Instant Messaging: Simplified.

A few days back, I remember writing this. Then, Meebo announces a Single Sign-on, amongst other things. (via) The problem of Gtalk not having an...

General 1 min read

PC World reviews Zoho Writer

Harry McCracken of PC World has a good review on Zoho Writer at the PC World’s Techlog. As with any review on online word processors,...

General , Zoho Writer 1 min read

Belated Birthday Wishes, AJAX

This post is coming a little late. Let’s say, people forget it and then get reminded by someone else and word starts to spread a...

General 1 min read

Best ‘Personal Productivity and Organization’ Product

Dion Hinchcliffe, (who’d earlier reviewed Zoho Planner) in his list of ‘The Most Promising Web 2.0 Software of 2006‘ has given the Best ‘Personal Productivity...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

Tabbed Browsing, tags as folders & more

Zoho Writer just had another update today. Explaining few of the features here. Tabbed Browsing: The screenshot below says it all! Open multiple documents within...

Zoho Writer 1 min read

Robert Scoble on how to increase blog traffic

Robert Scoble had a cute little experiment going with his “brrreeeport” – a word he asked bloggers to have in their blogs, allowing him to...

General 1 min read

“Somebody Else’s Problem” Field

Murphy’s law was proved. Yet again. While working on a laptop without a mouse, adding sound and video files to a Powerpoint presentation is a...

General 2 min read

Can some bloggers make or break Web 2.0 start-ups?

Phil Sim at Squash writes : I’d suggest if you’re a start-up expecting that a bit of blog publicity is going to get you kickstarted...

General 1 min read

PXN8 is Cool

Welcome PIX-EN-ATE. The ‘thick desktop client’ bastion is fast breaking down. The comment “You ever think that doing Photoshop inside a Web browser would be...

General 1 min read