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Small Wonders

An oddity: With Google Suggest turned on, if “How to” is entered in the search box, the first option it suggests is “How to tie...

General 2 min read

The Last Question

Some good soul had posted a link to the online version of Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question” & thanks to the diggdot.us feed I subscribe...

General 1 min read

IT|Redux on Zoho Sheet

Here is a review of Zoho Sheet by Ismael Ghalimi on IT|Redux : http://itredux.com/blog/2006/01/22/zoho-websheet-works/ … I have been using the preview release for a couple...

General , Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Which comes first?

Which comes first? Does community bring popularity or popularity brings community?

General 1 min read

Easy->Trivial, Difficult->Easy, Complicated->Possible

Brainpipe has reviewed Zoho Creator. The below one was truly encouraging which the creator team strived for. “Zoho Creator makes it remarkably easy to create...

General , Zoho Creator 1 min read

Web-Applications: The Second coming of Web

A person can’t expect every web-applications developer (or someone who wants to be that) to be a rocket scientist. Or for that matter, to know...

General 2 min read

Zoho being featured in masternewmedia.org

Robin Good of MasterNewMedia had an interview with our CEO, Sridhar Vembu. The interview just got published online. If you want insights about our company,...

General 1 min read

Anatomy of Link Clouds

Is there a better name for a blog post that has merely links? For the lack of (unaware of) a better (proper) name, I choose...

General 1 min read

Link Cloud

Some good links I came across while reading through my subscription list: Is it time for Universal Time? Jason Kottke’s letter to Apple Support. Quite...

General 1 min read

Folders and Lables – Why should software control user’s usage?

When Gmail came up with their ‘labels’ concept as opposed to ‘Folders’, many people loved it. On the other hand, many people didnt prefer it...

Zoho Mail 1 min read