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Seth is at it again

Seth Godin makes an interesting point comparing the tactics employed by marketers to the needle, the vise & the baby rattle : Permission marketing is...

General 2 min read

Attention: International Users

Folks, We are happy to announce that Zoho Writer now supports UTF-8 character set – in both the doc name & doc body. That means...

Zoho Writer 1 min read

Zoho Creator – Coming Soon

To create an web application, dependancy rate on a tech guy is 100%. Now consider its 0%. What would you do? a) Ain’t gonna believe...

Zoho Creator 1 min read

Google Base & Microsoft Fremont

Microsoft is beta testing its new free classified marketplace codenamed Fremont. (this MarketWatch article says Fremont is a neighborhood in Seattle which hosts Sunday open...

General 1 min read

RSS feeds in Yahoo Mail

Thats a cool idea – having RSS feeds in my Yahoo mail account. Why? Because I always check my mail everyday & I don’t need...

General 1 min read


From Robert Scoble – “Accidense is the word to describe what happens when people accidentally click on Google Adsense ads.” What interested me was his...

General 1 min read

The Goliaths better learn

Doc Searls, in one of his recent blog posts : At the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, Mass, where I stayed in Boston a few...

General 1 min read

The World’s Worst Website

Got this link from a NYT article – http://www.angelfire.com/super/badwebs/. Carries home the point of what not to do on your site pages. Speaking of which,...

General 1 min read

Getting your things done with Zoho Planner

Zoho Planner can be seen in different ways – as an online ToDo list, a personal organizer, an online calendar for marking your appointments, your...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

The next big thing(s)?

Xbox 360 has been released. So has SSE, the two-way RSS system that is being much talked about. See it here, here & here.

General 1 min read