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Zoho Writer Update

We did an update to Zoho Writer again & you sure will see a significant boost in the service’s performance now. This was achieved with...

Zoho Writer 1 min read

Zoho Writer Performance Issue

In a perfect illustration of Murphy’s law, the big upgrade we did to our grid introduced some performance issues in Zoho Writer. The very reason...

General 1 min read

Publish Charts

In Zoho Sheet, we recently added the ability to publish your charts to any web page or blog. You can even embed these charts in...

Zoho Sheet , Zoho Writer 1 min read

Zoho Writer Update

You would have noticed Zoho Writer was in maintenance for long time in last 2 days. We have done a major update to Zoho Writer....

Zoho Writer 2 min read

Zoli on Zoho

Zoli Erdos has come up with a very elaborate post titled Zoho – the “Safer Office”. From his excellent post : Zoho pumps out new...

General 1 min read

Zoho Creator: Export Data

Extend your activities with data by exporting it into various formats. You can export your data at anytime in the format of Spreadsheet (.xls), PDF,...

Zoho Creator 1 min read

Images in Zoho Planner pages

Zoho Planner’s latest update that happened a few hours ago has two interesting changes with respect to images. One, you can now edit the description...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

Practical Uses of Zoho Sheet

Dmitry Buterin makes a very good point that adults, like children, learn by watching others. He extends the analogy to web-applications and mentions about Zoho...

General 2 min read

Zoho CRM : User Review at

It has only been a few days since we released Zoho CRM 5 & it is nice having this as the first review at

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Insert Rows, Fonts, Import CSV and more

We have put out an updated version of Zoho Sheet with support for the most requested feature – Insert Rows and Columns. You can now...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read