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Zoho Writer Review by Bill Webb

Bill Webb at lockergnome has this extensive review of Zoho Writer. Have a peek. Thanks a lot, Bill!

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New Addition to Commentosphere

Sometime back, Steve Rubel wrote this. And then, co.mments appeared. It is true that comparisons to coComment are inevitable. They both track conversations, they both...

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Drag & drop customization in Zoho CRM

Today, I wanted to post about the easy customization options in Zoho CRM. The fields you need/don’t need can be drag & dropped easily. And...

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More on Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator went Live some ten days back. I suggest everyone to take a look at the tag cluster to get an idea of what...

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More on Zoho CRM

As we get ready for the last hurdle before the launch of Zoho CRM 5.0, thought I will post a few more interesting teasers of...

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BarCamp at Chennai

It is nice that Chennai will be hosting its first BarCamp soon (April 8 & 9, 2006). We at Zoho plan to be there. One...

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Social Networking

This post’s been brewing for a few weeks now. Google’s acquisition of Writely can be called as a trigger pulse for this post. Orkut is still...

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Web Services + Software: Engineering Elegance

Did you notice the quote ‘Web Services + Software: Engineering Elegance’ in our home page? I am not sure how many people really understood the...

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Google buys Writely

Google buys Writely Om mentioned it yesterday in his blogs about Google in talks with Writely for a possible acquisition. I thought it is yet...

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Search based UI Navigation, Toolbar customization & more

We had an update yesterday that introduced this new concept of search based UI navigation. Just type in a few words of what you would...

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