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Images in Zoho Planner pages

Zoho Planner’s latest update that happened a few hours ago has two interesting changes with respect to images. One, you can now edit the description...

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Practical Uses of Zoho Sheet

Dmitry Buterin makes a very good point that adults, like children, learn by watching others. He extends the analogy to web-applications and mentions about Zoho...

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Zoho CRM : User Review at

It has only been a few days since we released Zoho CRM 5 & it is nice having this as the first review at

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Insert Rows, Fonts, Import CSV and more

We have put out an updated version of Zoho Sheet with support for the most requested feature – Insert Rows and Columns. You can now...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

ZohoCreator: You can change ‘Field Type’ now.

In the continuing series of highlighting a ZohoCreator feature every week, ‘Field Type change’ is one of the most useful feature which we released yesterday....

Zoho Creator 1 min read

New Discussion Forum for ZohoCreator

We have opened a new discussion forum for ZohoCreator. Check out here at

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WIMP/Folders Vs Search/Tags

Have been following an interesting thread by Nick Carr, Rajagopal Sukumar & Sadagopan among others. Nick Carr came up with What Microsoft is trying to...

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For the power user in you – Zoho Planner API

The success of GMaps says it all. APIs allow users to come up with their own applications creatively. Many Zoho Planner users have been asking...

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What can Zoho Writer do?

The list is available in Zoho Writer Home Page. Also there is a Zoho Writer FAQ. But, as with any Web 2.0 service, users will...

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J. Murali writes about Zoho at ‘The Hindu’

‘The Hindu‘ is India’s National newspaper & it was a pleasant surprise seeing a detailed writeup on Zoho in it today morning. J. Murali’s ‘Netspeak’...

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