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Zoho Planner changes big time

We have come up with a revamped Zoho Planner! Zoho Planner did have a good dose of AJAX thrown in its screens before but the...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

Traditional Spreadsheets in a Non-Traditional way

During a chat with Gibu this evening, he raised me this question. How my recent initiative, Zoho Sheet, is positioned against Excel? Let me answer...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Battle of Media

The age old argument of Blogs Vs. Traditional Media. Only this time it’s from Kottke. Head over here. The fight is between Blogs/ Citizen media/...

General 3 min read

Brainstorming using Web 2.0

Only when there is a need to do a presentation, and the resources to be used are stored at different people’s terminals, and the deadline...

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Office 2.0 – The evolution of office applications

Let me try to define (my version of) Office 2.0. Office 2.0 should offer an a la carte of collaborative applications as products/services from which users/businesses can choose...

General 2 min read

Small Wonders

An oddity: With Google Suggest turned on, if “How to” is entered in the search box, the first option it suggests is “How to tie...

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The Last Question

Some good soul had posted a link to the online version of Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question” & thanks to the feed I subscribe...

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IT|Redux on Zoho Sheet

Here is a review of Zoho Sheet by Ismael Ghalimi on IT|Redux : … I have been using the preview release for a couple...

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Which comes first?

Which comes first? Does community bring popularity or popularity brings community?

General 1 min read

Easy->Trivial, Difficult->Easy, Complicated->Possible

Brainpipe has reviewed Zoho Creator. The below one was truly encouraging which the creator team strived for. “Zoho Creator makes it remarkably easy to create...

General , Zoho Creator 1 min read