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Thanks for all your feedback

With a full day now gone since the Beta got out, its nice to see a very good response from you users. Many of you...

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Zoho Writer Beta is Out

Hi Folks, We take immense pleasure in announcing the launch of Zoho Writer Beta. Thanks to all of you users who have been using the...

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Thanks Hugh!

Hugh MacLeod acknowledged the Top 10 collection of his doodles that we had posted before!

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Demo Login

Another update. Demo Login is out there. You can create applications, forms, views without even signing up. Charles

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Beta Opened up!

Zoho Creator is now open for public beta testing. We are very excited to finally start getting feedback from actual users on the service we...

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The Best of Hugh MacLeod

Been a follower of Hugh MacLeod’s gapingvoid for about a year now. My Top 10 of Hugh’s doodles on back of business cards till now....

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America: 1939-1943

Color photographs of America during the war years. Savor what life was like then: # -Arvind

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Doc on Blogging

David Newberger has put up in his blog a 10-question interview with Doc Searls. Doc is at his usual best. Liked the last Q&A in...

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Engineering Marvels of the Future

Came across a Discovery Channel page that listed some interesting engineering projects going on. The ones that interested me were the TransAtlantic train & the...

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Towards Search 2.0

Hackers & the SEO community have to large extent manipulated the results of Google-Yahoo-MSN’s (GYM) algorithm-based Search 1.0 engines. And that leads to undesirable results...

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