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PXN8 is Cool

Welcome PIX-EN-ATE. The ‘thick desktop client’ bastion is fast breaking down. The comment “You ever think that doing Photoshop inside a Web browser would be...

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Dion Hinchcliffe reviews Zoho Planner at Web 2.0 Journal

Thanks a lot Dion, for the extensive & cool review of Zoho Planner. He writes, “Using a wiki-like page model as a unit of work...

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Fon seems to be getting a lot of attention, what with the $22 million funding it received from Google & Sequoia among others. Instead of...

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Link Cloud # 2

Office 2.0: Photoshopping with PXN8. (via)Not quite as feature rich as any other Image Manipualtion software, but it’s fast. Really. Hooray Web 2.0. Logos of...

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Differences between podcasting and MSM

Loic lists the differences between podcasting and radio or TV. Actually its all the advantages of podcasts over MSM that he lists there. A good...

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Overbrain: Or can the web be “intelligent”?

I happened to read an editorial in Febrauray issue of Digit magazine the crux of which was “how can the web be intelligent”. And more...

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Less is More, But people expect more..

For some people, less is sufficient, less has less confusion, less feels lighter and less is more-than-enough. I agree and for good reason: they’ve been...

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What is the good ( reasonable ) ratio between R&D & Marketing spend ?

1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:4 or 1:5 or 1:6 or even more ?

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Where is the Marketing spending coming from ?

In my opinion it is coming from the users i.e the buyers pocket :~)

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Zoho Writer: Post Beta Update – V

It’s a double treat at Zoho today. Coming close on heels to the Zoho Planner update is Zoho Writer’s with so many goodies thrown in....

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