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Zia for Customer Service, Part 1: Zia for Support Agents

A typical day in the life of a customer support agent revolves around responding to questions, looking at bug reports, passing on customer feedback, helping...

Zoho Desk 3 min read

Shapers: A unique way to customize page sections

Look closely at a website and you’ll notice that its text, images, and videos are arranged in rectangular patterns. These boxy designs look clean and make navigating pages easy. This design also means that...

Zoho Sites 1 min read

Hold real time meetings from Zoho CRM with the new Zoho Meeting integration

Developing effective sales pitches and closing deals require clear communication with your leads, contacts, and team. However, switching between your CRM and third-party apps to make phone calls and conduct meetings can get tiresome. The...

Zoho Meeting 2 min read

Announcing Zoho Analytics 4.0 with AI Powered Assistant and Auto-Blending of Data

We are super excited to announce the launch of Zoho Analytics 4.0! It debuts with some great new analytics features. Let’s see what Zoho Analytics...

Zoho Analytics 2 min read

Smart automation within your reach: Highly customizable, integrable, and versatile Zobots

Create your own custom chatbots to automate operations like CRM integrated lead qualification, calendar synced scheduling, and real-time troubleshooting—with a deeply programmable WYSIWYG interface, and...

Zoho SalesIQ 5 min read

Zoho Social 2018—introducing richer analytics, support for Google My Business, and a lot more

Today, we’re taking our commitment further by making Zoho Social a platform that helps businesses and agencies with all things social media marketing. I’m super excited to finally spill the beans on our biggest release this year. There’s so much packed into this—including some of our most asked-for features and ones we believe will set us apart in this competitive market.

5 min read

Announcing AI, Process Management, Marketplace for Zoho Desk

Service management has become much harder for enterprise companies in the past decade, owing to a rise in the number of touchpoints throughout the customer...

Zoho Desk 4 min read

Presenting Zoho CRM Plus: The new gold standard in frictionless customer experience

After a lot of diligent work behind the scenes, we’re proud to announce the latest version of Zoho CRM Plus, the most powerful, unified customer...

Zoho CRM Plus 4 min read

Bridging the gap: Using Zoho Connect to work remotely

Telecommuting, or remote working, is a practice that has become more and more widespread among the working population. As the name suggests, remote working simply...

Zoho Connect 3 min read

Introducing Notebook’s integration with Zapier

Latest Notebook Update: Notebook + Zapier Integration We’re happy to announce that Notebook is now integrated with Zapier. Get all the photos you tag on...

Zoho Notebook 2 min read