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Civil War: Slack vs Email (Part 1)

He’s rich, he’s got the latest toys and he’s popular. But is he good enough to take down good ol’ Cap’n?

Zoho Mail 3 min read

5 lessons to master before sending out an email campaign

Email campaigns are one of the best ways to connect with your audience. As an integral part of a business’s inbound marketings strategies, they notify...

Zoho Campaigns 3 min read

Content Creation: 5 Best Practices to Follow

Simple, easy to understand content is an asset. As a reader, it helps you solve problems, get inspired, and be more productive. As a business,...

Writer 3 min read

Celebrating the magic of small businesses everywhere.

My great-grandmother was a fiercely proud lady. Shortly after marrying at 19, she managed to convince my great-grandfather to put all his hard-earned savings into...

General 1 min read

Make Employee Scheduling A Breeze with Zoho People’s Shift Scheduling

A recent study revealed that nearly one-fifth of the total global workforce works in shifts.¹ These days, most businesses are open round-the-clock to provide top-notch...

Zoho People 2 min read

Indian businesses: Get paid online, faster and easier, with the Zoho and Razorpay Integration

Up until a couple of years ago, accepting online payments from customers was a Herculean task, especially in India. Not only have we had to...

Zoho Books 2 min read

Muses Are Fickle, Part 2: Outwriting Your Inner Critic

November is National Novel Writing Month, which has inspired us to think about the best strategies for getting started at writing, and, perhaps more importantly...

Writer 4 min read

Announcing Zoho Desk — the industry’s first context-aware help desk software.

Today, we are announcing the release of Zoho Desk — the first context-aware customer support software — that presents customer issues against the broader context...

Zoho Desk 3 min read

Slow and steady is the smart way to grow your business.

We’ve all had to sit in on some crisis meeting about sales not being as fast as before, support tickets taking longer to close, and...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

Impostor Syndrome – How working on yourself is just as important as working on something else

Alex has recently joined the design team of a startup to spearhead it to success. For years he has been an unparalleled achiever, in a...

Zoho Cliq 3 min read