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Which customer-obsessed brand are you? Take the quiz and find your match.

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Fight Churn and Save Recurring Revenue: Dunning Management to the Rescue!

Your customers love your service. They use it every day. You have been charging their credit card each month for the services they consume. Let’s...

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3 Ways “User Roles” can save you a lot of trouble

When Roger had his living room remodeled, he handed the key to his house to the crew after locking all other rooms because he didn’t want...

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Grow your subscriber base with sign-up forms in Zoho ​Campaigns

Ask any email marketing expert and they’ll tell you this: the success of your email marketing campaign depends on the health of your mailing list....

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read

Ride on Cupid’s popularity to give your business a boost

When it comes to the annual gift ​splurge, Valentine’s Day is just shy of Christmas. And technically it’s not even a ​holiday! According to the...

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Zoho Reports 3.0 is Here

We are excited to announce the all-new Zoho Reports 3.0, with a sleek new interface and loads of new features. New UI The user interface...

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Announcing Zoho Social: Because Social Media should be part of your marketing strategy, not something you do in isolation

We believe social media should be an integral part of a business’ sales & marketing, outreach and customer support strategy, instead of something you do...

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3 Ways the Talkdesk Call Center Software Integration Can Help Teams Sell More

This is a guest post by Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk – a leading browser-based call center software. If your team uses Zoho CRM, you surely...

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​Happy employees make for a happy company

It’s a lovely Monday morning, but you are feeling gloomy as you enter your office, making a mental list of things that have to be done....

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Customer Spotlight: Zoho SalesIQ Makes Intuitive Solutions More Intuitive!

Chicago based health-information technology company Intuitive Solutions, places engaging their website visitors in real-time at a premium. As founder and CEO Teyyab Yunnus puts it, “We...

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