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7 ways your CRM can help you become a successful salesperson

How do you define success as a salesperson? Many people relate success in terms of dollars and cents, or closing half a million in sales...

Zoho CRM 4 min read

Service and support impacted by the Chennai flood disaster

UPDATE: Dec 4, 0800 Pacific Time Mail has been normal over the last several hours. Messages are getting delivered immediately, with normal response times. The backlogged...

Service Updates 4 min read

Upload Web Receipts for scanning with the new Google Chrome add-on

Remember the days of keeping receipts in a shoebox? Sure, you had them all in one place, but they weren’t organized, they weren’t sorted, and...

Zoho Expense 1 min read

Email without compromise

Yahoo! Mail just announced that they are blocking users who have ad blockers turned on, from accessing their email. One customer summarized it this way:...

Zoho Mail 1 min read

5 ways Zoho helps you say “Thank You” to your customers

It’s not that hard to say, “Thank you,” so why don’t we do it more often? As business owners and managers, we get so focused...

Zoho CRM 4 min read

Visualizing numbers the Zoho Reports way

At Zoho Reports, we often come across interesting analyses of datasets by our customers, who’ve published them for the public to see. In this blog,...

Zoho Reports 2 min read

5 lessons small businesses can learn from big companies this Black Friday

Before most families even have time to finish a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner, millions of Americans will be lining up outside stores...

Zoho Inventory 2 min read

Comic strip (Part 2): Zoho SalesIQ announces website visitor lists and lead scoring.

Read the comic to understand how Sasha, used Zoho SaleIQ new features, website visitor lists and lead scoring to connect with hot prospects on her...

Zoho SalesIQ 1 min read

Comic strip (Part 1): The curious case of the elusive hot prospect

Read the comic, share your ideas with Sasha to find the hot prospects.

Zoho SalesIQ 1 min read

Customer Spotlight: Software Company Manages Entire Sales Process with Zoho Apps

UK based company Booking Live is the creator of an online booking software serving a number of industries and needs. As business has grown Booking Live...

Zoho CRM 1 min read