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An Update on the Spectre and Meltdown Hardware Vulnerability

Some of you have probably read about recent hardware vulnerabilities, named Spectre and Meltdown, that appear to be present in almost all modern processors. We...

General 2 min read

Zoho CRM through 2017

  See the complete list of all that was new in 2017 here. Please share anything you wish to in the comments below.

Zoho CRM 1 min read

Announcing SalesIQ’s integration with Sundown: Meet the unparalleled AI assistant for your website

Have you ever worried about the customers you may be losing in your off-hours? What would it be like if you could hire someone to take...

Zoho SalesIQ 2 min read

All about 2017: A great year for the Zoho Finance Suite.

We have so much to say about 2017 — it was a year of opportunities. In the past 12 months, we have had 3 new products, 3 major editions, countless...

Zoho Books 3 min read

Writer in 2017: A retrospective.

From multi-column layouts and no-markup editing to collaborative code snippets and a new mobile app, we spent the greater part of 2017 making sure Writer serves an even wider set...

Writer 1 min read

Introducing Zoho GST: Your partner in GST returns filing.

Our new product Zoho GST, an online GST filing software, has been crafted specifically to provide Indian businesses with an end-to-end GST filing solution. Zoho GST...

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The all-new Zoho Campaigns is here!

Email marketing is no longer a simple, one-message-fits-all activity. Today it is a complex exercise which requires understanding your subscribers’ behavior and interests in order...

Zoho Campaigns 3 min read

Use the Zoho Office Suite to Work Together on Your Project Documents

Documents are everywhere. Whether drafting a contract, crunching numbers, or presenting to the team, no organization spends a day without creating or circulating documents. The problem? You’re probably still...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

23 and Counting: Localize Recruitment with Zoho Recruit 

Isn’t it very comforting to be able to work with a software that speaks your native tongue? Switch to Zoho Recruit, that now supports hiring in 23...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read

Zoho Connect named in the top 10 by GetApp and FinancesOnline for Q4 2017

Earlier this year, we launched a revamped version of Connect with a fresh UI and some cool features. We’re glad to announce that we’ve nabbed one...

Zoho Connect 1 min read