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A or B? Let’s test.

Stephen runs a furniture and home decor store. He’s a big fan of email marketing, and uses it to regularly communicate with his customers. He...

Zoho Campaigns 3 min read

7 ways to increase your website conversion rate

In our last blog, we spoke about the website metrics that you must track in order to optimize your website, one of which was conversion...

Zoho SalesIQ 3 min read

3 Tips for businesses to deal with negative reviews

Recently, a Denver based diner has been facing a lot of online heat because of the owner’s inability to mince words while responding to “unfavorable”...

Zoho Inventory 3 min read

6 Psychology Studies Show How to Boost Sales on Your Website

Research from Eisenberg Holdings shows that the average company spends $92 to drive traffic and attract people to their site and spends just $1 to...

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Zoho Mail: How To Get Match Reminders For Euro 2016 In Your Inbox

Whether or not Britain stays in the EU, make sure you stay in the action this summer – Euro 2016 is upon us! Are you...

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Zoho Recruit sends your job postings around the world.

Getting the most exposure for your job posting is vital to fill a job opening. That’s why Zoho Recruit partners with the world’s most popular and...

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Introducing the Zoho Mail Admin app: One App To Rule Them All

The new Zoho Mail Admin app gives business email administrators the freedom to manage organization wide email policies from their smartphones.

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If Frank Underwood can speak and win people, you can chat and win customers.

Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.                                                                             – Ralph Waldo Emerson Netflix’s political thriller series, House of Cards, is one...

Zoho SalesIQ 3 min read

500+ reasons why the Zoho Recruit-Zapier integration helps you manage your day better

As a recruiter, think about how many apps you use in a single day. Our smartphones and tablets beep constantly with notifications about incoming calls, upcoming...

Zoho Recruit 1 min read