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Present To Your Team From Miles Away With Zoho Show.

Amy, who works from home, suddenly discovers a strategy that will increase her company’s sales by 40% within the next quarter. She decides to put...

Zoho Show 2 min read

Count on it: The all new integration between Zoho Finance and Zoho CRM.

As two of the busiest departments in any business, Sales teams and Finance teams often find it difficult to work with each other–not because they don’t...

Zoho Expense 2 min read

Zoho Brings Contextual Integration to Mobile Apps with iOS 10

Last week Apple launched the iPhone 7 and released iOS 10 with updates that are great for business. We’ve been working hard on innovations that...

General 3 min read

5 Ways to use Direct Messages for Better Customer Service and Engagement on Twitter

Over the last couple of years, Twitter has been working on making the Direct Message experience richer for users. Earlier this month, they announced the...

3 min read

Zoho ShowTime – The Smart Way To Make Training Interactive For Millennials

In 2015, Saturday Night Live aired an episode with Miley Cyrus as the  host and musical guest. The episode featured a skit that poked fun...

Zoho ShowTime 2 min read

7 ways to maximize your drip marketing efforts

While email marketing takes the lion’s share of many business’ marketing efforts, statistics project a typical mailing list loses a third of its members every...

Zoho Campaigns 3 min read

Do More With Longer Tweets: Now On Twitter (and Zoho Social!)

Earlier, we wrote about Twitter's tweet changes and how they’d impact brands. Today, I’m glad to announce that we’re one of the first social media management tools that support the longer tweets for our users, just the way we were the first to ship the send-DM-link feature in Zoho Social. Read more to learn how Zoho Social helps businesses make use of them.

2 min read

Does Your Social Media Tool Talk to Your CRM? 3 Reasons Why It Should.

If you're like most business owners, you've probably been using social media for your business for a while now - you create content, listen to what's being said about your brand, engage your audience, and keep track of key metrics to measure the impact of your brand's social media presence. And all that is great, but there's an important piece you might've missed — "Social media works best when it's tightly integrated with your business instead of something you do in isolation."

4 min read

Hey Siri, Notebook Has Been Optimized for iOS 10

When Apple announced iOS 10, we took note. We pulled out our phones in fact, opened Notebook (duh), and gave our thumbs a workout. We...

Zoho Notebook 2 min read

Zoho Social is a “Leader” in the G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Grid for Social Media Suites. Sweet!

We’re excited and humbled to announce that Zoho Social made it to the Leaders quadrant in the G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Social Media Suites Grid Report. This is our first appearance on the G2 Crowd Grid, and there could have been no better way to enter it.

2 min read