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Thank you customers!

Dear customers and well-wishers: We have turned the corner. We fought back over a week of repeated criminal DDoS attacks designed to disrupt the services...

Service Updates 3 min read

Services normal, detailed update to follow

All Zoho services are now functioning  normally. We have performed many upgrades and are monitoring carefully. We’ll make a detailed statement soon.

Service Updates 1 min read

Customer Spotlight: The Lead Exchange Finds Reliability and Ease-of-Use Switching to Zoho CRM

  Industry – Insurance Size – 11 – 50 employees Type – B2B  The Lead Exchange is a revolutionary platform designed to help insurance agencies...

Zoho CRM 2 min read

Zoho services under criminal attack

UPDATE: 0800 pacific time, Nov 12 All Zoho services are now functioning  normally. We have performed many upgrades and are monitoring carefully. We’ll make a...

Service Updates 4 min read

Answers to frequent questions

For the most recent updates, see 1. I am unable to reliably access Zoho services this week. What is happening?  We’re facing a criminal...

Service Updates 4 min read

Servicios de Zoho blanco de ataque cibernetico

Estimados Clientes y Usuarios, Zoho ha sido blancode un ataque criminal cibernetico a nuestra red de conectividad. Este ataqué es llamado DDoS (ataque distribuido de...

Service Updates 2 min read

Recent Service Disruptions

We have been facing an on-and-off surge in network traffic that is causing these service disruptions. It is a denial of service attack, and we...

General 1 min read

Zoho Inventory: An Inside Look at Our UI/UX Design Process

We recently launched Zoho Inventory, our inventory and order management solution. We’re definitely learning a lot as we expand our suite of products. Our goal...

Zoho Inventory 8 min read

DELUGE: The programming language for non-programmers.

Say goodbye to complicated programming languages and hello to Deluge. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of Zoho Creator makes building an application from scratch easier than...

Zoho Creator 1 min read

Dear Zoho. Thank you for the redesign.

A few weeks ago we opened up the brand new version of Zoho Mail for preview. Since then, we’ve had a whirlwind of messages flooding our inboxes with feedback,...

Zoho Mail 2 min read