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The Candidate Experience and How it Impacts Your Company

Take a moment and think back to the last time you looked for a job. The last time you navigated a company’s career site. The...

Zoho Recruit 3 min read

Give Your Website A Facelift : 5 Exciting New Features In Zoho Sites

A website is a unique space that is born out of your ideas. And it needs that constant update to stay contemporary and relevant to...

Zoho Sites 2 min read

Zoho Assist: Unveiling New Customer Console and Two-way Screen Sharing for Mac ​Users!

The re-invention fervor of Zoho Assist is at full throttle. You may be aware that supporting from a Mac in Zoho Assist is no sweat...

Zoho Assist 2 min read

10​ steps for making a huge impact on your customer service

How do you talk about, and to, your customers? What phrases do you use to ​communicate with customers, and what do you call them behind...

Zoho Desk 7 min read

Food, Water, Shelter…Password Manager!

Password managers are becoming indispensable; Whoever you are, whatever you do, ​password managers can make your job simpler! Rich or poor, educated or illiterate, everyone...

Zoho Vault 3 min read

5 Ways to Deal with Your Small Business Debt

Do you spend sleepless nights worrying about your business debt? If you do, then you’re not alone. Recently, Gallup, a research-based global performance management consulting...

Zoho Books 4 min read

5 Businesses You Never Thought Would Use a CRM

Every business, no matter the industry, eventually needs a CRM. As a company that has been in the CRM space for a decade now, we...

Zoho CRM 2 min read

Customer Spotlight: How Noxilizer uses Zoho Campaigns to drive customer engagement

“The team at Zoho Campaigns, in particular, has been fabulous to work with–highly responsive and dedicated. With their assistance we have been able to deliver...

Zoho Campaigns 2 min read

The (not so) secret strategy these 10 customer service legends share

If you plan to thrive in the era of the customer, now is the time to improve your customer service. Regardless of how your customers...

Zoho Desk 9 min read

Which customer-obsessed brand are you? Take the quiz and find your match.

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