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Celebrating the Big Stories behind Small Businesses: Share Yours and Win!

It’s called the #MyBizStory contest and it’s really fun and simple. All you need to do is, tell us a story. Tell us what makes your business unique - it could be a different way of doing things, something you’ve created or something you’ve believed in and followed for your business - anything that you think makes your business stand out.

General 1 min read

Luxury Business enjoys the “Luxury” of Z-CRM

15 months ago, John Paul, the largest concierge service provider in France, decided to expand into the U.K. With this expansion, Jean Paul brought in...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

Salesforce’s Do.Com Customers Can No Longer Do Much – Unless They Migrate To Zoho Projects

Salesforce.com recently announced that their Do.com project management service is shutting down early next year. Salesforce acquired the Manymoon startup, for which they reportedly paid...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

When Invoicing becomes child’s play. Literally.

At Zoho, we’re constantly trying to build and rebuild our apps to make them easy for our customers to use. That’s why we LOVE tweets...

Zoho Invoice 1 min read

Sign up for a preview of the New, Faster Zoho Books!

Our customers create amazing things at work and at Zoho we build products to help them with it. Our vision when we created Zoho Books...

Zoho Books 2 min read

Stuck in a haunted house or email service? Find out how you can log out for good.

Switching to a new email service can seem as unsettling as moving from the house you have been living in for a (long) while. And...

Zoho Mail 3 min read

Tricks, Treats and Halloween: A time to let go of fear!

Gearing up your business for Halloween? Most business-owners use this time to carve out pumpkins, stock up on holiday goodies and treats, create Halloween deals and...

General 2 min read

Introducing Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects

Till now, project managers using Zoho Projects had access to limited reporting options – Gantt and resource utilization charts. Not anymore. Today, we are glad...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

Join us next week in Florida!

Hello, Florida! The Zoho Team has been traversing the country on our first tour of Meet Ups, and we’re finally making our way to the...

General 2 min read

What’s In: Zoho Pulse Integrates With Google Apps

The most successful people or businesses are the most connected ones. Zoho Pulse is the social intranet for enterprises where employees can stay connected, exchange...

Zoho Connect 1 min read