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Zoho Planner


How Zoho Planner's Reminders Help Me

The below screenshot of the My Reminders page in my Zoho Planner account should give you an idea of how Zoho Planner helps me out...

General , Zoho Planner 1 min read

Prioritizing your To-Dos using Zoho Planner

Many of you Zoho users might be using Zoho Planner to keep a note of your to-dos. Let’s see how to go about from scratch...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

Zoho Planner : Scheduled Maintenance on Dec 8, 2007

Zoho Planner is undergoing an infrastructure upgrade on Saturday, December 8, 2007 between 17:30 PST and 22:30 PST (5 hours). During this time, access to...

General , Zoho Planner 1 min read

Zoho Planner & Matthew Moran at ITtoolbox

Matthew Moran at ITTtoolbox finds Zoho Planner so useful that he first had a blog post titled, “The Joy of ZOHO Planner – shared todo...

Zoho Planner 2 min read

Chat with your shared users in Zoho Planner

With the latest Zoho Planner update, you can now chat to each of your shared users. On clicking a page you can see the list...

General , Zoho Planner 1 min read

REST API for Zoho Planner

We recently announced the availability of REST APIs for Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show. Today, we have added REST API for Zoho Planner as well....

General , Zoho Planner 1 min read

Formatting options in Zoho Planner

Zoho Planner offers some formatting options. You can put these options to good use while making your To-Dos lists and Notes. Say for example, you...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

Zoho Planner tip : See all your to-dos

One common question we receive from our Zoho Planner users, It is difficult for me to see my to-dos for the day as my to-dos...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

Setting reminders in Zoho Planner

Here’s one oft repeated feedback mail that we receive from Zoho Planner users : I keep getting a reminder mail from Zoho Planner though the...

Zoho Planner 1 min read

People using Zoho

Shailendra at ‘ApniTally’ has a good demo for Tally 9 created in Zoho Show, explaining users how to create a payslip. Miriam at ‘illuminea blog’...

General , Zoho Creator , Zoho Planner , Zoho Sheet , Zoho Show , Zoho Writer 1 min read