3 must-have integrations for Zoho.

This is a guest blog post by Vanessa Rombaut, a Digital Communications Marketer at PieSync. @PieSync helps you to sync your customer data bi-directionally between your favorite cloud apps...

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Convert social chatter into actionable leads

Customers these days can come from anywhere. According to a survey by DemandWave, social media is one of the better lead generation channels, accounting for about 55% of the business involved. Many potential...

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Are You Connected To All Your Clients In The Right Way?

Matt, one of the most popular stockbrokers in his town, has three clients named Karen, Aaron, and Carla. Each client has a different profession, a...

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Announcing the launch of our new webinar series

We are excited to announce our next series of webinars that are designed to educate both current and new users of Zoho CRM on CRM...

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Why your sales team needs finance reports

You might have your sales data in Zoho CRM and finance data in Zoho Books. The question is how to combine and analyze both data...

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How to Handle Multiple Processes with One CRM Account

The ultimate goal of technology is to make lives simpler. Software is used to automate processes. While automation might be simple when there is a...

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Dear Brands, Please Use a Social Media Tool that Talks to Your CRM

Whenever I run into a problem with a service I frequently use, I try to reach out to the brand on social media. This is not just so I can (hopefully) find a solution to the problem, but I also do it to see how that brand handles social media interactions with regular customers.

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Design Company Doubles Recurring Income After Implementing Zoho CRM

INDUSTRY: Design SIZE: 51-200 employees TYPE: Private The Netmen Corp was founded 15 years ago as an online graphic and web design agency offering logo creation,...

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Count on it: The all new integration between Zoho Finance and Zoho CRM.

As two of the busiest departments in any business, Sales teams and Finance teams often find it difficult to work with each other–not because they don’t...

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Publishing Company Transforms Its Sales Management Process With Zoho CRM

INDUSTRY : Publishing SIZE: 51-200 employees TYPE: Private MARCOA Publishing Inc. has been setting industry standards in publishing from their San Diego headquarters for half...

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