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4 Simple Steps to Getting Organized

This is a guest post by Lindsay Holloway, writer and editor of small business trends and technology. To read more from Lindsay, check out her...

Zoho Projects 2 min read

You asked, We listened. More control over your CRM

@headhunter: @zoho ROCKS … new CRM GUI is just simply STUNNING….Would  have to be one of the best web apps I have EVER seen –...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

12 Business Resolutions for 2012


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Is Tuesday the most Productive day of the week?

35 % of respondents on our Facebook page thought so, when we asked them! Also, quite surprisingly, Monday and Wednesday are tied at the spot for...

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Email isn’t a productivity killer unless…

As with every other productivity tool, what really matters with email is how you use it. If email is draining your work productivity, it’s probably...

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How we took Zoho CRM’s UI from “The Worst” to “S-U-P-E-R-B!”

“In Quick – out quick, nobody gets hurt” – That captures what we set out to do with our new CRM. Thanks, Gary, for noticing...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

Maximize Your Productivity With Zoho Mail For Business

As Business-Owners or Professionals, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our work productivity by accomplishing more in lesser time. A recent article at GigaOm,...

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7 Reasons For Self-Employed Professionals To Choose Zoho Projects

In a recent article titled ‘ Seven Keys To Productivity In The Human Cloud‘,  Business Insider shared a set of productivity tips for independent consultants...

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How To Clean Up Your Business – With Zoho

Entrepreneur.com recently featured an article titled ‘How To Clean Up Your Business‘. The article talks about Spring Cleaning, a time to ‘get rid of the tasks, people...

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