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7 Nifty Tips for the Efficient Marketer

​The alarm shrills, the tap burps, coffee steaming, quick bites, rush hours, jammed elevators, card swipes, inbox full. With a long day ahead, Julia gets plagued with...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

Announcing the New and Improved Zoho Docs for Android

From charting out flight plans to building a whole new website, everything is now available at your fingertips. Businesses, small or big, are going mobile-first...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

5 Ways to Better Organize Your Files

Looking for that one file you can’t locate, when your boss is hovering over your shoulders? Or the embarrassing situation you find yourself in, when...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

Secure Cloud Storage and Document Sharing with Zoho Docs

Gone are the days when file security meant locking the drawer to your file cabinet to protect your sensitive documents. As we all know, today,...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

Document Review Made Easy: Introducing Track Changes in Writer

Multiple users, one huge document and a lot of review comments to be implemented. Sounds like a nightmare? Well, it can turn out to be...

Writer 3 min read

Introducing First Draft App for Zoho Show – Presentations On the Go.

Let’s say you are away from your office attending a client meeting in NY. You have a critical presentation to create and deliver at your...

Zoho Show 2 min read

Keep Calm, Lock and Share.

What possible damage could inviting someone to collaborate on a document do to a company? Just ask investment giant JP Morgan. When the New York...

Zoho Show 2 min read

5 Things That Can Go Wrong With Collaborative Content Review

Let’s start by answering this question: If you had just one day to send across a 50-page document to your client, would you email your...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Work smarter (even while offline) with the new Zoho Writer for iPad

The new native Zoho Writer for iPad app lets you create, edit and share professional documents anytime and while on the go.

Zoho Docs 1 min read

Shared Folders – File Sharing and Team Collaboration Made Easy!

Imagine you are getting ready for a board meeting and you have to send a number of files to several board members in minutes. Or,...

Zoho Docs 2 min read