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Just In: New Features in Zoho Writer

It’s always exciting to bring the What’s New stories to our customers. The newest additions, the most sought-after enhancements, or the upcoming features – they have...

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9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 2

In our previous blog post, we covered some exciting tips from Zoho Docs to help you be more productive. Today, we are delving a bit deeper...

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4 Easy Steps to Seal the Deal Using Zoho Writer

Nowadays a growing number of business deals are taking place digitally. The two major factors – Time and Money – are driving businesses to create,...

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7 Nifty Tips for the Efficient Marketer

​The alarm shrills, the tap burps, coffee steaming, quick bites, rush hours, jammed elevators, card swipes, inbox full. With a long day ahead, Julia gets plagued with...

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Document Review Made Easy: Introducing Track Changes in Zoho Writer

Multiple users, one huge document and a lot of review comments to be implemented. Sounds like a nightmare? Well, it can turn out to be...

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Zoho CRM – 3 Ways to Use Mail Merge and be More Productive at Work

It’s been four years since we started offering Mail Merge plug-in for Zoho CRM. Thanks to this tool, printing mailing labels, sending personalized letters, contracts...

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Work smarter (even while offline) with the new Zoho Writer for iPad

The new native Zoho Writer for iPad app lets you create, edit and share professional documents anytime and while on the go.

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Zoho Office Integrates with Google Drive

Recently we have seen our friends at Google open up their SDK for Google Drive letting third parties integrate their apps into Google Drive. We...

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Play Chess Online With Zoho Writer

Our users always surprise us when it comes to using Zoho’s services in esoteric ways. We came across this interesting post by Bidhan Adhikary (Bidhan...

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More Formatting Options in Zoho Writer

The latest update to Zoho Writer brings in some new formatting options Change CaseYou can now change the case of a block of text. Three...

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