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Zoho Wiki Enhancements

Since the release of Zoho Wiki Beta, we have made available some oft-asked-for features by our users. Listing them below : You can rename your...

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Access control options in Zoho Wiki

Zoho Wiki offers quite a few options for access control. For example, you can have a select group of members edit the Wiki but make...

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Some news from this part of the world – Zoho’s home city, Chennai, India. Wikicamp.in, an event to better understand the role that Wikis play...

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Linking pages in Zoho Wiki

Wikis have typically been associated with geeks, web-savvy folks as there can be a learning curve to learn the Wiki syntax. With Zoho Wiki, we...

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Zoho Wiki Update

We had an excellent response to the Zoho Wiki release. Thanks to all who have created their Wikis and sent us your valuable feedback comments!...

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Introducing the Zoho Wiki!

It’s time for yet another new product announcement from Zoho. Presenting to you the Zoho Wiki. Mike Arrington at TechCrunch has a great post about...

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