Following a series of updates from other Zoho apps, today, we rolled out a major upgrade to Zoho Writer. The key enhancements include…

  • Pagination Support
  • Header and Footer Support
  • Spell Check in 43 languages
  • ….and more

Now, lets take a closer look at each of these features.

You can now view your document page-wise by clicking on the ‘Page View’ link.



For printing Zoho Writer documents, we recommend using the ‘Print Using PDF’ option as shown in the image above (as against using the older ‘Print Preview’, ‘Print’ option). This option overcomes the limitations in browser based printing.

Headers & Footers Support:

Another most requested feature (and often considered missing feature in online word processors) is Headers/Footers. It is now supported in Zoho Writer. You can define your Headers and Footers from the ‘Page Setup’ link or the ‘Page Setup’ icon (pagelayout.png) which is the third icon from the top.



The Headers/Footers that are defined will show up fine when the document is printed. These will also be intact when you ‘Export’ the document to PDF/DOC.

Spell Check in 43 Languages:

The enhanced spell checker now supports 43 languages. This means, no matter which language you write your document in, you can now spell check the content in that language. Also, the spell check setting is at the document level. This means, you can choose a different language spell check for each document.


Other Enhancements:

Apart from these features mentioned above, there are several enhancements as part of this update. These include…


  • Improvements have been to made to Import/Export of .doc files.
  • The documents that you make as ‘Public’ can now be downloaded & also sent to your friends by email in different formats. Also, whenever someone comments on your public document, you’ll receive a notification mail informing the same.
  • Zoho Writer is now available in Chinese too, taking the tally of UI language options to 11.

Do give these features a try and let us know what you think. We are really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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