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Anish Aravindakshan

Product Marketer at Zoho Show

Introducing Zoho ShowTime: Software that takes the boring out of presentations

The average human has a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish. It’s just 8 seconds! Yet an average presentation takes 20 minutes and...

Zoho ShowTime 3 min read

9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 4

We love beautifully crafted presentations. We all talk about the presentation that left us in awe, but what’s less discussed is the effort that goes...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

Introducing: Zoho Show Slideshow Viewer for Android and iOS Devices

Did you know that almost 29% of the global workforce is mobile? These employees work from various locations, access office tasks on multiple devices and rely on...

Zoho Show 2 min read

Twitter feeds in Zoho Show: Save your audience from boring monologues!

By the time you read this line, thousands of presentations would have been created or delivered across the globe. Over 30 million presentations are created...

Zoho Show 2 min read

​Presenter View: The Presenter’s Secret Weapon!

Presentations are canvases that narrate rich stories. The presenter now resembles a story teller with a script or a broader idea from which a captivating story...

Zoho Show 3 min read

Introducing First Draft App for Zoho Show – Presentations On the Go.

Let’s say you are away from your office attending a client meeting in NY. You have a critical presentation to create and deliver at your...

Zoho Show 2 min read

Keep Calm, Lock and Share.

What possible damage could inviting someone to collaborate on a document do to a company? Just ask investment giant JP Morgan. When the New York...

Zoho Show 2 min read