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Update on Zoho Services Disruption

Dear Zoho Customer, Let me first acknowledge the obvious. The last several hours has been a nightmare for some of you since you have not been able to access the Zoho services you trust and rely on, to run your business. The domain was inaccessible for many customers. Rapid corrective action has been possible for many customers to restore service availability but has not worked for some others. Before I offer explanations, let me offer you my genuine apology. I run Zoho and as a business owner and CEO can fully understand what it means to not be able to access the software and services that keep your businesses on track and serves your customers. For this, I am truly sorry. I have been at the helm of this situation since it broke many hours ago and will continue to be here until everything is fully resolved.

Service Updates 3 min read

Announcing Zoho PageSense for G Suite

Zoho PageSense the complete conversion rate optimization software is now available for G Suite users. Simply connect your Google account with Zoho PageSense to easily collaborate with your...

Zoho PageSense 1 min read

We are updating Zoho PageSense’s terms of use

As part of our commitment to privacy and transparency, we’re updating our Terms of use. The updated terms of use focus on preventing the tracking of sensitive visitor data. The...

Zoho PageSense 2 min read

Sent an email you didn’t mean to? Get it back with a click!

Sending emails has become second nature to most of us, but despite it being a part of our daily lives, sometimes mistakes slip through the cracks. I’m...

Zoho Mail 2 min read

How Zoho Backstage can help you manage your healthcare events 

“Saying hello doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building relationships.”  – Gary Vaynerchuk Digital Marketing Guru This is the answer healthcare marketers should give when asked,...

Zoho Backstage 3 min read

Introducing Autofill Passwords and Siri Shortcuts in Zoho Vault

After many beta releases for developers and the general public, Apple has finally released the much-awaited iOS 12. This latest version of the mobile operating system is designed...

Zoho Vault 2 min read

Remote Work Matters

Remote work has taken the world by storm. With nearly ubiquitous internet access and the increasing power of our online tools, working remotely has never been more...

Zoho Cliq 2 min read

Empower your business with the CRM-telephony integration

This is a guest post by Dmitri Tokar, Chief Marketing Officer at Zadarma, one of Zoho’s telephony partners. Businesses have been quick to appreciate the cost savings...

Zoho CRM 2 min read

How to boost your productivity with online calendars?

Keeping yourself organized at work is imperative to become an industry leader. It helps you strike a balance between work and life, meet your deadlines effectively, and get...

Zoho Calendar 4 min read

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses Detect Anomalies

CRMs can help you identify deviations and stay on track, using machine learning. Every business report is made up of a rollercoaster of trends. Your...

Zoho CRM 4 min read