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Connect your forms to more than 750 apps in a Zap

Just how many tools do you think organizations use for data-driven marketing nowadays? Well, think again, because 3-5 isn’t even close. According to Winterberry Group’s...

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Fine-tune your forms to boost your event attendance.

First impressions of your event start, well, at the beginning. Your registration form is the first interaction a prospective attendee has with your event, and...

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7 Reasons You Should Create a Mailing List for Your Blog

Though people consider it outdated, email has only evolved and grown stronger. The reason? People read emails that promise good reads for the future. If your site...

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The Power of Building on Mobile

In the business world, it’s stressful to find time for a proper break. Your mind keeps drifting back to your office, to your desk. No...

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5 Elements That Affect Form Conversions

Several aspects in a form influence users to click that submit button. Unfortunately, users don’t always convert as much as you’d like. Here are five elements that you can improve on to instantly increase your conversions. Leave a strong first impression No matter how you share your form, design is essential. For a well responsive form,...

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Introducing Zoho Forms: Forms for Mobile Teams

Forms is all about entries, and entries mean data. Data that you have to study and act on, so why resort to stacking them in your...

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