A Note on Your Zoho Account Security

Over the last couple of days, a few of our users received an email from Zoho informing them about a password reset on their Zoho...

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An Update on the Spectre and Meltdown Hardware Vulnerability

Some of you have probably read about recent hardware vulnerabilities, named Spectre and Meltdown, that appear to be present in almost all modern processors. We...

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Introducing Zoho GST: Your partner in GST returns filing.

Our new product Zoho GST, an online GST filing software, has been crafted specifically to provide Indian businesses with an end-to-end GST filing solution. Zoho GST...

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Planned maintenance of our US Data Center

Dear Customers, We had announced in September 2017 about the annual infrastructure maintenance of our US Data Centers in this blog. Because of unavoidable reasons, the...

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Work with charts, play with charts.

  When it comes to information, there are two kinds of people: those who like to receive their data in words, and those who want...

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Privacy invasion and ad monetization are two sides of the same coin

Online advertising and consumer privacy will always be at loggerheads. A business built on online advertising is successful only when it uncovers consumer information; it absolutely...

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Supreme Court Ruling Bolsters Zoho’s Stand Against Patent Trolls

Yesterday, the Supreme Court dealt a major blow to patent trolls all across the U.S. For decades, technology companies have been an easy target for frivolous patent...

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Closing deals faster: Why 68% of the best sales teams rely on electronic signatures​

This is a guest blog post by Bhupinder Singh. He’s a Product Marketing Lead at SignEasy, an electronic signature solution that helps individuals, professionals, and...

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5 of the Wackiest Write-Offs to Make This Tax Day Less Taxing

Laughter might not boost your write-offs, but we promise this article will give a good ROI.    Since ancient times, death and taxes have both...

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India is celebrating Recruiter’s Day today, and we can’t keep calm about it!

This March 9, Zoho Recruit values the contribution of every recruiter who has helped millions of job aspirants reach their destination.  

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