Some of our recent app advancements that you should know about

In our unwavering commitment to sustaining a competitive edge and delivering top-tier products and experiences to our users, research and development remains our foremost investment area. Here are just a few of the recent developments worth mentioning.

We’re thrilled about the release of Trident  

Trident has been in beta mode for the last year, and we express our deep gratitude to over 1,000 customers and partners who have actively engaged with the app, offering us invaluable feedback. Trident is a desktop application with Zoho Mail at its core, enriched with comprehensive instant messaging (IM), voice and video calling, meetings, productivity-enhancing features, and a suite of business tools, all designed to elevate your work experience. For a more detailed overview of its features, please refer to this article.

Of course, our suite of apps is compatible with Apple's latest IOS update 

Once again, Apple releases new software capabilities and devices to our users worldwide. At Zoho, we've always been at the forefront of adopting the latest Apple technologies in our mobile apps as soon as they're announced. This approach allows you to run your business on your devices with greater ease. Apple recently made a significant announcement by launching iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10. We are thrilled to share how various Zoho apps have diligently incorporated and harnessed the power of these new technologies. Explore our most recent and top-quality updates.

Another brand new app to meet market demands  

In today's business landscape, shaped by technology-driven customer expectations, companies are adjusting to changing market demands. Subscription-based businesses are leading the way by blending annual, monthly, and one-time pricing models, catering to a diverse audience with varying billing preferences. As a technology partner, Zoho recognized the importance of adapting to these shifts, leading to the transformation of Zoho Subscriptions into Zoho Billing. Zoho Billing has become the go-to billing solution for businesses at any stage of growth, enabling them to conduct pricing experiments and support one-time, subscription, project, and expense billing. In a nutshell, it manages everything from quote creation to revenue collection.

Drum-roll for the most sought out integration for Bigin by Zoho CRM please...

Yes, Bigin now seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp Business to facilitate smooth communication. WhatsApp's widespread popularity, user-friendly interface, and accessibility have made it a preferred communication channel for customers and businesses alike. Whether it's placing new orders, inquiring about your products and services, addressing issues, or seeking clarifications, customers have various reasons to reach out to you. With Bigin's WhatsApp integration, you can promptly respond to messages, keep chat history linked to specific contacts, and efficiently address your customers' needs, all while harnessing the extensive capabilities of Bigin.

You can find all of the extra info you need here.

Introducing Inbox, a unified communication manager, and Mastodon integration with Zoho Social   

Zoho Social is yet another app of ours that continues to have countless updates and releases. As such, we're happy to announce two of our most awaited releases of the year: Inbox, a unified messaging tool that unifies all of your interactions across platforms, and Mastodon, a channel integration that allows you to tailor your content to your community's specific interests and values to create a space where everyone feels welcome. For more information on these integrations, check out this blog

Say hello to Zoho Meeting rooms 

We’ve been working towards an immersive experience that bridges the gap between in-person and virtual interactions. Gone are the days of squinting at small screens and straining to hear during virtual meetings. With our online meeting rooms, you'll be stepping into a new era of high-quality business communication. Learn more about this immersive and hands-free solution for teams to connect over virtual meetings in video conference rooms.

Wrapping up 

So, that’s just a glimpse of the updates that can take your business to the next level. 2023 may be coming to an end, but our efforts to build top-notch apps continues. Before you close your books, use this time to assess how your current technology is enhancing your business and whether there are new applications you should consider adopting for a successful 2024.


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