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This is the third instalment which covers another collection of interesting public dashboards from our customers. Hope you’d have gone through the interesting dashboards featured in our previous instalments. If you haven’t seen our previous instalments, you can check them out here (part-1, part-2).

1.US Presidential analysis (1945-2016)
This dataset analyzes each President’s contributions towards the American economy. Some of the  key metrics like GDP growth, employment growth, and the trend in federal spending under each president have been analyzed and visualized in this dashboard.

2.Car sales data
This particular user has built this extensive dashboard  covering the import, export, production, and sales of automobiles in the United States between 1967-2016. View this dashboard  here.


3.Counter Strike – GO
This particular gamer has built an impressive dashboard based on the world famous game, Counter Strike-Global Offensive(GO). The dashboard contains in-depth analysis of his performance on the number of kills, deaths, assists, and the complete match statistics represented in rich visuals. You can go through it here.


4.Indian test cricket captains
The Indian Test cricket history dates back to the year of 1932. This cricket savvy user has collected the Indian Test cricket captain’s data and has compiled them into a single dashboard. Starting from CK Nayudu to Virat Kholi, this dashboard covers the wins, losses, draws, ties, and number of matches played by each one as captain. View this historical dashboard on Indian test cricket captains.

You can use this link to access all the public dashboards our customers have shared.

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