Cricket World Cup 2023 Dashboard - Revisiting the tournament through data

The most anticipated ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 has come to an end, with Australia sealing the trophy in the final against India.

Over the past month, we witnessed excellent performances by players and teams, which made this one of the most exciting World Cups ever. Now that this unforgettable tournament is over, we wanted to recap the key highlights that emerged from the data.

Tracking key metrics lets us, the cricket fans, analyze player and team performance, make comparisons across tournaments, and have data-driven debates on who the GOATs are.

That's why we at Zoho Analytics built an interactive dashboard to visualize all the important stats and metrics from ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Stats Dashboard

Our interactive dashboard for World Cup 2023 aims to provide the most detailed, up-to-date statistics for all matches and teams. With different tabs and views, you can slice and dice the data however you want and gain insights into team strengths, player form, and more.

In this blog, we'll walk through the dashboard's features and the process we used to create it.

The World Cup dashboard

We have split the dashboard into six tabs, analyzing different key areas.


The Overview dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of key tournament stats. Below are some of the key stats:

  • Points table
  • Runs by team
  • Wickets by team

World Cup Overview Dashboard

Click here to access the interactive version of the dashboard

The Overview dashboard gives you the big picture of how teams and players performed and highlights the top batsmen and bowlers based on stats. It's a great starting point to dive into more detailed analysis on the other tabs.

Batting Stats
The Batting Stats dashboard provides more detailed data on batting performance. It includes:

  • Top run scorers
  • Top 10 batsmen based on batting average
  • Top boundary hitters
  • High scorers

World Cup batting stats dashboard
Click here to access the interactive version of the dashboard

With batting stats, we can track which batsmen are in the best form during the tournament. 

Bowling Stats
The Bowling Stats dashboard offers detailed reports on players' bowling performance. The following key metrics are covered:

  • Top wicket-takers
  • Top bowlers by most dot balls
  • Best bowling averages
  • Most economical bowlers

World Cup bowling stats dashboard

Click here to access the interactive version of the dashboard

Bowling stats let us identify this tournament's most successful and economical bowlers.

Team Stats
With the Team Stats dashboard, we can analyze and understand a particular team's performance. For overall team performance, the dashboard tracks:

  • Top run scorers for the team
  • Top wicket takers for the team
  • Win and loss percentage
  • Centuries and half-centuries scored

World Cup team stats dashboard
Click here to access the interactive version of the dashboard

With this view, we can compare batting and bowling metrics for all the players in a team.

Batting Comparison
The Batsmen Comparison dashboard allows us to see how different batsmen stack up against each other by stats, including:

  • Runs
  • Strike rate
  • Batting average
  • Boundaries split

Here's the interactive dashboard where you can select batsmen and compare their performances.

Select players from the dropdown and compare their batting performances

With this dashboard in hand, we no longer need to guess who the best batsmen are. Let the data tell the story!

Bowling Comparison
For bowlers, we can compare the following:

  • Wickets taken
  • Economy
  • Bowling average
  • Balls bowled

Here's the interactive dashboard where you can select bowlers and compare their performances.

Select players from the dropdown and compare their batting performances

Side-by-side comparisons of bowlers help us identify who has the best bowling figures in this tournament.

With our dashboard, you have all the Cricket World Cup 2023 stats you'll ever need. You can access the complete interactive version of the dashboard here.

Now that we have had a glance over the dashboard, let us explain the process we followed to create it. This will help you create your own personalized dashboards using your data.

Steps to create the Cricket World Cup 2023 dashboard

We have used Zoho DataPrep and Zoho Analytics to create this dashboard. Below are the steps followed:

  1. Connect data
  2. Prepare data and make it analysis-ready
  3. Visualize data
  4. Build the dashboard
  5. Publish the dashboard

1. Connect data

To create any sports dashboard, we rely on publicly available data. We carefully selected reputable sports websites that update their data daily. 

To import data from these websites, we used Zoho DataPrep, our AI-powered data preparation tool that helps users import and prepare data from different data sources.

We also scheduled the import so that the data gets updated daily without any manual interruption.

2. Prepare data and make it analysis-ready

Importing data from diverse sources often comes with challenges due to varying formats. Zoho DataPrep however, streamlines this process. 

After importing, we ensured data consistency, and with Zoho Analytics, we consolidated all data into a single query table.
Below is a video of how we prepared the data using Zoho DataPrep and created SQL queries with Zoho Analytics.

Note: Zoho Analytics customers in Premium and Enterprise plans have the data preparation module available within the app.

3. Visualize data

After creating the query tables, we transformed the raw data into different data visualizations like bar charts and pie charts. Creating these visualizations with Zoho Analytics was simple with its drag-and-drop interface. 

Watch this screen recording to see how we brought our data to life.

4. Build the dashboard

With our reports in place, we organized them based on tabs for the dashboard. We also created a list of KPI widgets for each tab and seamlessly added them to the dashboard using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

5. Publish the dashboard

Once the dashboard was ready, we were eager to share it with the public. Zoho Analytics offers various options to publish the dashboard, including a link and a dedicated portal. 

We made all the views public, copied the dashboard's embed link, and embedded it into the Zoho Sites portal.

And there you have it – a glance through the Cricket World Cup 2023 dashboard powered by Zoho Analytics and the steps we used to create it.

We hope going through the numbers and metrics from the tournament brought back great memories from the past month of thrilling cricket action.

As cricket enthusiasts, we understand the importance of data and visualizations, whether making fantasy picks or simply settling the debate with your friends.

We hope our dashboard captured the stats that matter most to you as a cricket fan. We have also created sports dashboards for IPL 2023, FIFA 2022, and more. You can check them out here

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