Customer Spotlight: Luxer One delivers convenience using business analytics from Zoho Analytics

Luxer One is a US-based package delivery company that solves apartment dwellers’ package problems using superior technology in parcel lockers & rooms. Started 12 years ago as a dry cleaning delivery system, the company now operates San Francisco’s largest dry cleaning service and has won numerous accolades for its business. 

Luxer One has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more for its innovative approach to locker-based delivery and the value that it provides for customers. This system is being deployed across the country, helping properties and carriers reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction and increase e-commerce volume.

Zoho Analytics and Luxer One:

Luxer One was looking out for an analytics tool that would help them analyze and track their key business metrics. Something, that would help them effectively measure, optimize and expand their business at each stage. Luxer One spotted Zoho Analytics which fitted their needs to the dot.  

“Zoho Analytics is very scalable and useful, and it offers incredible value.” – Arik Levy, CEO

Watch the video below in which Luxer One team shares how Zoho Analytics empowered them with key analytical capabilities that drives their marketing and operational strategies.

Key Benefits for Luxer One:

Product Development: Zoho Analytics helped Luxer One analyze demand data and develop a new product, the All-Medium Locker.

Effective Pitches: Using Zoho Analytics, Luxer One can show prospects exactly how much time their service has saved other customers.

Cross-domain Analytics: By combining Zoho CRM data with service desk data, Luxer One has gained a way to derive insights, measure its strength and successes company-wide. 

Informed Decision-making: Luxer One developed strong marketing and operational strategies using Zoho Reports, enabling them to focus on the regions most in need of attention.

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