Customer spotlight: Renu Energy Solutions empowers its business with AI-driven analytics and real-time insights

Renu Energy Solutions provides high-quality solar power, energy storage, and electric vehicle charger installations for residential and commercial properties, along with full maintenance services. Based in Charlotte, NC since 2010, they have serviced over 4,100 homes and businesses across the southeast.

Renu’s industry-leading expertise provides end-to-end customized solar solutions with a dedication to their core values of proven quality, customer-focused solutions, and being a trusted partner. As the strongest clean energy provider in the southeast, Renu has grown enormously over the last five years and was listed on the Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list for 2021.

Renu Energy Solutions empowers its business with AI-driven analytics and real-time insights

Renu Energy Solutions and Zoho Analytics

Renu Energy Solutions uses multiple pieces of software, including Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects. They also have the occasional need to upload data from Google Sheets manually and include an automatic sync to transfer that data over. The company was looking for a self-service BI platform that was simple, and could unify and blend data to generate insights quickly.

Renu was in need of a 360-degree view of their overall business. Since they had never used a BI tool before, they were also searching for one with a low learning curve.

 “The newly launched features of Zoho Analytics are top-notch. Zoho DataPrep lets me cleanse data brought in automatically from Google Sheets. The Ask Zia and Zia Insights features are also cool. I can ask for a specific agent’s quarterly or monthly performance and see if their sales numbers are trending up or down, and from which geographic area their sales are coming from. I can also dive into why they can’t close deals in other areas and try to replicate the successful ones.

From Zia insights, I can see which agent is doing the most business and who is doing the least, and I can give their manager an update along with actionable insights. [For example,] which specific salesperson has a better understanding of customers on the coast rather than the mountains. They can then assign that rep to take care of the coast specifically. These insights give a clear picture of all of our sales reps’ performances. We discovered this within minutes because of Zia Insights.” 

– John Sheldon, Business Intelligence Manager, Renu Energy Solutions

The company uses Zoho Analytics to analyze data for each of its segments to get detailed business insights:  

Marketing and sales:

  • How many leads are from different sources and geographic areas
  • How many leads are being converted into appointments
  • Which agent records the highest conversions
  • Conversion rates (from initial appointment to final closing)
  • Deals by type, revenue, forecast vs. actual, deal sizes vs. segments etc.


  • How many new projects are taken up
  • What types of projects are they (solar energy, energy storage, EV charger, service)
  • Completion stages of projects
  • Turnaround time for each of these stages, etc.

With insights generated from Zoho Analytics on their project statuses, Renu Energy Solutions was able to significantly reduce the number of days from deal signing to installation from 80 days to under 50 days. This improved the customer experience for the company, leading to an influx of five-star ratings.

Key benefits of Zoho Analytics for Renu Energy Solutions:

  • Reduction in time between signing a deal to completing an installation
  • Better understanding of sales agents’ performances and strengths through insight reports
  • Segment-wise tracking and complete insights into the status of projects
  • Easy collaboration on reports across multiple devices, even on the go.

Read the full case study to find out about all the ways Zoho Analytics helped Renu Energy Solutions manage their business.


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